Care & Warranty

My knives are made from some of the best high carbon steels the industry has to offer including Super Blue and White Japanese steels and 01 tool steel.

I use high Carbon steel because it lends itself to traditional knife making from forging to heat-treating, it allows the bladesmith to achieve perfection without modern interference. High carbon steel also has the ability to create blades that are both easy to sharpen and will keep a keen edge for longer, allowing the user to maintain them with ease. In return they require proper care if they are to remain rust free and in top working condition. In short, if you take care of your blade, it takes care of you. 

For the handles I use locally sourced hardwoods such as oak, walnut and apple wood from England, I am also experimenting with Olive wood from my motherland. I stabilise every handle with the best available resin thus increasing its durability and longevity.


***DO NOT put your knife in the DISHWASHER it will damage it! 

Hand wash with warm water and soap or wipe with clean cloth and then dry the blade and handle thoroughly. If the blade was left wet and rust has developed, use vinegar and a soft sponge to remove the stains. Once in a while or if you store your knife for extensive periods apply a food-safe oil, this will protect the blade but also help it to develop a beautiful uniform patina.

Always cut on soft surfaces. Cutting on harder surfaces such as metal, glass and stone is a pretty good way to blunt or chip the edge of your knife. With this in mind, store your knife on a magnet rack (not metal) or in a sheath if placed in a draw along with other metal kitchen utensils.
AVOID: My knives are heat-treated hard and ground thin to provide the best cutting experience. Thus avoiding cutting through bone, wood or other hard materials is essential for preventing edge damage.

Despite the hard work and extensive quality control that goes into each of my blades, there is always a chance of manufacturing issues or material failure, in case you experience any, please contact me. Issues that have occurred from misuse or abuse of the knives are not covered by the warranty. However if your knife has incurred some damage please contact us for further assessment and repairs.